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Orkla støtter Global Compact

Orkla støtter Global Compact

President and CEO Bjørn M. Wiggen confirms Orkla's continued commitment to the Global Compact initiative and to the Ten Principles.

Orkla is a Norwegian group of approximately 100 companies based in a total of 40 countries worldwide. Through our decentralised and international operations, we have learnt the importance of being valued by the local societies to which we belong. We purposefully combine respect for local tradition with promoting good working standards based on internationally recognised norms, and the Global Compact Ten Principles have been useful in guiding the development of our own internal guidelines in this area.

Industrial development at Orkla is about building brick by brick. We have adopted the same approach in exercising our corporate responsibility. Through responsible operations, continuous improvement and focus on the areas in which our efforts have the greatest effect, Orkla's activities seek to make a positive impact. During the past few years, we have given the issue of corporate responsibility greater prominence on our agenda. In practice, this means that we are continuing to pursue our systematic efforts in the field of the environment, health and safety with a view to achieving our vision of zero harm. At the same time, it means that we are increasing our efforts in areas that present new challenges. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and actively influencing our suppliers to ensure that the working conditions in their businesses are satisfactory are examples of areas in which Orkla has intensified its efforts in recent years.

Through our participation in the Global Compact Nordic Network we have gained valuable input to the development of our own corporate responsibility practices, and we are pleased to see that this regional network is growing in size. We will continue our participation in the network with the purpose of contributing to bringing the work with the Ten Principles forward. I would like to express respect for the work of the Global Compact during its eleven years of existence. Despite its slim organisation, the Global Compact has managed to raise the awareness of corporate responsibility among business leaders throughout the world, and guide business action in a constructive way. Therefore, it’s a pleasure to confirm Orkla’s continued support for the Global Compact.